The unremembered Labour Corps and the Trailblazers remembrance evening on the 9th November at Lower Grange Community Centre: The youth members and volunteers showcased the groups research this year, along with paying an act of Remembrance on the evening. Royal British Legion were present along with members from the Armed Forces.

Camouflage Crew were also represented at Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday (11/11/2018) and was part of the people’s procession, through the work carried out with the Big Ideas project and the work making a wreath for the unremembered labour corps which was shown in the London Museum since April 2018, which was laid at Whitehall by the group.

They were also invited to the Westminster Abbey service of Remembrance/Armistice and thanksgiving, for the work carried out over the last four years of the Centenary of the Great War.

For more details, please contact the centre on 01274 880328 or just simply call in.